Allen and Rossi were once America’s Number One Comedy Team.

They made Las Vegas their home and promoted our community as the entertainment capitol of the world.

Marty Allen and Steve Rossi helped turn Las Vegas into a place everyone wanted to visit; and even stay here.

In a world filled with bullying and negative messages for our children the positive “Hello Dere” and positive model of a friendship that can still kid each other in a kind way is more of what we need to see in the world.

School Song “Hello Dere”

Hello Dere – Hello Dere- Hello Dere
Everywhere we go we say Hello Dere!
Hello Dere – Hello Dere- Hello Dere
Your happiness will grow just say Hello Dere
This happy phrase can do wonders for you, learn to say it its so easy to do.
Hello Dere – Hello Dere- Hello Dere Everybody
And they’ll say Hello Dere to you!



Marty Allen and Steve Rossi were America’s Number One Comedy Team in 1964 as they appeared with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. This was just one chapter in the lives of two amazing performers who made Las Vegas their home.

Still Steve and Marty after all these years

Comedian Marty Allen continues to perform selected dates each year in a comedy team with his wife Karon Kate Blackwell.

Steve Rossi passed away on June 20, 2014.

Classic Ed Sullivan Appearance

Classic What’s My Line Television Appearance

Dean Martin Show

Hollywood Palace

The 25th Anniversary Special LIVE from Las Vegas 

Marty Allen and Karon Kate Blackwell Show

Steve Rossi shared part of his life story with StoryCorps





This page and the application to Clark County School District is submitted by Christine Kramar the former personal assistant to Steve Rossi. He would have been thrilled to have a school named in his honor as he truly valued education. Steve was a lifelong learner always reading something new excited to know all that he could about the world. Every day Steve tried to learn something new just like our students.

Marty Allen and Steve Rossi are a tremendous part of Las Vegas history. They certainly fill a chapter with their love of our community and the service they performed. The joy their positive message can bring today in our often cynical world to cut up and laugh is of great value to a learning community. As schools work on a collaborative education model celebrating the collaboration of this team is an amazing way to honor their legacy.

Please send me your comments in support of having an Allen and Rossi Elementary School in Las Vegas. If you prefer you can also send comment in directly to the school naming committee at:

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